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Weather in Portugal

Portugal is a small country, with a large range of weather conditions. The country can be climatically split up into 3 main regions: the north, the south and the islands. However, all coastal regions see a variation of the Mediterranean climate type.

On the whole the north has cooler temperatures than the south and sees significantly more rainfall. As you head east toward the Spanish border, winters become longer and summers hotter as the land as affected by the moderating Atlantic winds.

The climate along the 700km coast line is predominantly influenced by the currents and winds of the Atlantic Ocean, especially so in the northwest of the country where a mild, rainy climate is observed. As a rule, as you head south you will find temperatures and hours of sunshine tend to increase while precipitation declines. As in any coastal destination, the summer highs are tempered by the cooling sea breeze and the winters warmed by the ocean waters.

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